Our Uniqueness

Building emerging-tech startups is hard due to a lot of uncertainty regarding market demand, regulatory clarity, and even the fundamental viability of the technology. Unlike established markets where you can study past trends, emerging technologies lack a proven track record.

Our unique model of rewarding the community and coaches enables us to attract coaches, engage communities and provide tangible value to the ecosystem ensuring enough startups increase their odds of survival and success.

Contextual Acceleration

  • Our Incubation and Acceleration programs are contextual for a Startup.

  • Each Startup sets its goal and gets support from coaches, and Foundership enables everything the Startups need to achieve their goals.

CoachCollective & Reward System

  • Our unique CoachCollective system engages Coaches collaboratively to maximize value for each cohort.

  • Coaches earn dividends from the liquidation of the cohort Startup on an ongoing basis.

Partner Network

  • We bring a high-value partner network for our startups to leverage global market access, value creation and business growth.

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