Our Uniqueness

Building a Web3 startup is like jumping off a cliff and building an airplane on the way down.
Unlike the old Web2 world, there is no cookie-cutter approach to Web3!
And, it may take 3 months or 6 months or more to build momentum.
Hence, we don’t do typical 3-month bootcamps.
In Foundership’s LaunchCamp, we are with you for 6-months to enable you at every stage, i.e., Launch, Accelerate growth and Drive adoption.
We don’t take hundreds of Web3 projects every month to help just a handful of top companies.
Instead, we work with a few selected top web3 projects with a minimum of 2 dedicated coaches with bi-weekly interactions & engagement per project.
Our unique model of rewarding the community and coaches will enable us to attract coaches, engage communities and provide tangible value to the ecosystem ensuring enough projects or startups increase their odds of survival and success.
1.Contextual acceleration
  • Our Incubation and Acceleration camps are contextual for a Startup.
  • Each Startup sets its goal and they get support from coaches, and Foundership enables everything the Startups need to achieve their goals.
2. CoachDAO & Reward
  • Our unique CoachDAO engages Coaches in a collaborative approach to maximize value for each cohort.
  • Coaches earn dividends from the liquidation of the cohort on an ongoing basis.
3. Web2 to Web3 network
  • We attract native Web3 Startups, helping them navigate the challenges of turning ideas into building a company the fastest way.
  • We have a vast Web2 network of Founders; hence we attract them when Web2 Founders startup a Web3 idea or pivot and need access to the Web3 ecosystem of investors, platforms & partners.