The Start

Foundership started out as a shared passion among two 2x entrepreneurs who had a common passion for enabling early-stage startups to succeed more. We believe that execution is the key to a startup's success, where the founders and teams relentlessly focus on the goals and consistently achieve them over a long period.

We started supporting founders for probono in 2020. We coached, guided, and connected ~200 founders in a single year in 2020. We could see huge pains and gaps in the idea of seed-stage startups.

We started coaching founders in a structured manner in 2021 and saw common traits and patterns among founders. Those who are willing to make a strong difference are more likely to be held accountable and do not offer excuses for not commitments; instead, they own the responsibility for the goals they committed.

Providing contextual inputs per startups depending on their stage, constraints, and growth opportunities made many of them break out and succeed.

The Coaches

We started attracting incredible Founders' & Leaders attention to join as coaches! Many coaches wanted to get involved in a deeper way to ensure they have skin in the game approach than a transactional relationship. They liked Foundership’s Philosophy: We coach Startups to succeed and co-create wealth in the process.

The Community

Community is vital for every startup ecosystem, especially for Web3. Each of us, as an ecosystem player, brings our network to play to get things done or help connect people to meet their goals. But how do you sustain this momentum? With poor incentive structures, all communities eventually die down or have <1% active contributors.

One of the key tenets of our community is the “Give First” philosophy, which encourages everyone to share first - Knowledge, Information, Networks, Connections & Referrals. Reward the community for their Karma.

We’re thankful for the trust from the Web3 community for our Give First & Co-create Wealth philosophy.

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