Coach Collective

Experience transformative growth with insights and guidance from real-world doers and industry leaders in the startup space.

Why Coach Collective?

It takes a village to grow a child and it's a community of coaches, friends, and well-wishers to help a startup become successful. Every startup finds it hard to stay focused week on week, but that's the secret sauce in building a highly scalable and profitable business that can provide great returns and outcomes to shareholders and the larger society and change people's lives for the greater good. However, not every startup can cater to this rigor with the same intensity across all stages of the startup journey. Like every high-performing sports athlete hire a professional coach to ensure they are at the top of their game in all tournaments and sharpen their skills and be prepared for all situations and all possible eventualities similarly Coaching is vital. The driving factor for every coach to associate with a startup is generally to give back to the community; they like the founders, and they see potential in the startup. However, after initial mentos calls which are very generic, do not add much value as there is not enough skin in the fame. To make it work over a long time, be sustainable, and make very tangible progress, each coach has to be incentivized beyond the normal compensation methods per hour or PR mentions.

Hence, we have developed a model where there is wealth distributed to the coaches by Foundership from the equity we take from startups/projects that join Foundership’s Acceleration programs.

Foundership’s CoachCollective Philosophy: We coach Startups to succeed and co-create wealth in the process.

Note: We believe more Founders will succeed when incredible Coaches come together to support their journey. CoachCollective is off-chain. We will evaluate CoachCollective to be on-chain if needed.

Coaches Reward Model

At Foundership, we believe our coaches are the backbone of the accelerator; without the coaches, our cohort startups would find themselves lost at sea.

We have seen firsthand how the coaches interact with the founders and give their everything as if they're part of the business itself.

The CoachCollective, which we are ultimately heading to, is made with an intent to align the interests of our startups, coaches and Foundership.

Therefore, we will share one-third of the monetization proceeds of Foundership's equity allotment with the coaches of the startups (cohort-wise) as & when Foundership exits those holdings.

For each cohort, suppose there are 10 startups in that cohort and 7 coaches are assigned to those 10 startups over six months. Any dilution or monetization of those 10 companies would be shared with those 7 Coaches.

Hence, it is a cohort-wide outcome for all coaches and not just limited to the startup you are coaching.

Therefore, our coaches will gain alongside our investors and startups.

Coach Credits & Distribution - 0xCamp &

  • Coach Rewards apply to each coach participating in the Acceleration programs (0xCamp and more programs)

  • Each Coach earns 0.25 Credit/Startup during 0xCamp (4-month program), when the startup (they are coaching) is selected for LaunchCamp

  • Each coach earns 1 Credit during their 0xCamp of a minimum of 2.5 months

  • For any shorter duration during 0xCamp, Credits earned will be on a pro-rata basis

  • At the end of 2.5 months, the Coach Rotation review takes place

  • An additional 1 credit is earned by the Coach when they continue coaching the same startup for the next 2.5 months

  • During Rewards distribution, the total cohort pool is shared with the coaches by using the Credits earned as a multiplier

  • From 0xCamp #4 onwards, the LanchCamp rewards will be applicable, as 0xCamp#4 onwards the program duration is for 3 months.

Below is a sample Illustration of how this works

Case 1: Full Coach Participation

Case 2: Full Coach Participation + Short add-on Coaches

Note: This is just an illustration. Coach Pool value will continue with each startup liquidation event that happens in every stage.

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