LaunchCamp Acceleration Program (LAP)

LAP for Founders & Builders

Founders are a different breed of citizens than the majority of the population. These are the people who have superpowers to look at problems, that strive hard to find solutions that can create a profitable business.
But Founders in Web3 are even further a special group of citizens who are building for the world right from Day 1, reimagining a world with the powers not being centralized but with the common citizens in a decentralized world.
The LAP for Web3 founders provides a very unique opportunity to leverage the 3 key pillars of Foundership to take their MVP further down the road in creating a viable business. The 3 pillars that we offer to Founders and Builders are Coaching + Capital + Community.
We expect the following type of founders & builders who will leverage the program
  • Founders building fresh Web3 first business
  • Founders from Web2 - building new Web3
  • Founders transitioning current Web2 to Web2.5 (Part of the business is Web3)
  • Founders transitioning current Web2 to Web3
For each of these Founders, needs are different and varied. While the program broadly will define its key focus areas such as DeFi, Gaming, Entertainment, Tools, etc, the key tenet that will be looked upon is the ability to build a business that has value and not just a FAD to rived over the wave of Web3.
Founders will never be left alone to figure things out on their worn, but rather have a structure thinking and execution framework support along with the Coach Network and Community Network to leverage for their growth.

LAP for Web3 Investors

Of course, Web3 LAP strives from providing their services and great value to the projects they partner with. However, it is also important to highlight how Web3 investors benefit from the emergence of quality LAP setting up shop. The ICO craze of 2017 was considered the first opportunity for investors to sink their teeth into pre-launch sales token sales for new and promising projects, but this has dramatically changed.
Now, with Web3 LAP, investors can rest assured knowing that the projects they are investing in are properly managed by professionals, taking out a lot of the guesswork and uncertainty upfront. Moreover, LAP can often help eliminate the previously coined “pump and dump” nature of new token launches. Increased investor confidence will in turn help sustain organic growth.
Investors are one of the biggest factors in helping projects succeed, mainly through capital injection to spark growth, so incubators are a net positive in this regard as well.

LAP for Web3 Coaches

It takes a village to grow a child and it's a community of mentors, friends, and well wishes to help a startup become successful.
Every startup finds it hard to stay focussed week on week, but that's the secret sauce in building a highly scalable and profitable business that can provide great returns and outcomes to shareholders and the larger society and change people's lives for the greater good.
However not every startup is able to cater to this rigor with the same intensity across all stages of the startup journey.
Like every high-performing sports athlete hires a professional coach to ensure they are top of their game in all tournaments and sharpen their skills and be prepared for all situations and all possible eventualities., similarly Coaching is vital.
The driving factor for every coach to associate with a startup is generally to give back to the community, they like the founders, they see potential in the startup. However, after initial mentos calls which are very generic, do not add much value as there is not enough skin in the fame.
In order to make it work over a long time and be sustainable and to have very tangible progress being made, each coach has to be incentivized beyond the normal methods of compensation per hr or PR mentions.
Hence we have come up with a model where there is equity distributed to the coaches by foundership from the equity we charge from startups that join the BUIDL program.
Foundership’s CoachDAO Philosophy: We coach Startups to succeed and co-create wealth in the process.
Find more about it in Our Model -> Coach DAO section.

Future of LAP

We’ve explored the history and some of the big players in the incubator world - so what’s next?
As the Web3 space begins to become more transparent, and regulations from governments are beginning to kick into effect more than ever before, we are likely to see a rise in the number and quality of incubators.
At this stage, incubators have evolved to the point where they have essentially become integral to Web3. Although there is no guarantee a project will be successful by receiving their services, their chances are greatly increased, tremendously driving up their value. In addition, the amount of capital flowing into Web3 from the traditional finance world is growing, only increasing opportunities for funding and growth to be funneled down from the top.
Overall, the future of Web3 LAP looks bright. The more authenticity there is, the more widespread adoption will occur, resulting in a true transformation of the industry for the better.