Community Network (CN)

Communities are a vital part of any ecosystem. At Foundership, we strongly believe that community is at the center of our universe, and they need to be nurtured, engaged and incentivized to keep the community self-governed and motivated to grow.
One of the key tenets of our community is to build a “Give First” philosophy, which encourages everyone to share first - Knowledge, Information, Networks, Connections & Referrals.
In order to drive the “Give First” philosophy, we strongly believe in disrupting the community frameworks across the world using the “Do to Earn” framework to drive engagement, growth and retention of the community.
By “Doing” an activity or a task, every member is “Giving” first back to the community and getting rewarded or is incentivized further. Such behavior will always the right attitude community members to actively stay engaged and create a long term community where they feel the real impact of their contributions
Some examples of the “Doing” & “Giving”
  • Work on bounties announced by projects
  • Work on bounties announced by Foundership
  • Contribute to the community with thought leadership
  • Contribute to the community by volunteering for events and masterclass
  • Contribute to the community by volunteering for community-led activities & initiatives
  • Setup local chapters in each city
  • Consistently referring the community to attract new like-minded members to join
  • and more
As the rewards or incentives add up, they will result in the tokens being awarded and as tokens are staked as per Community member tiers, they move the contribution levels, thereby having a greater ability to impact projects and startups better.
As part of our roadmap, we will focus on building the community first, engaging the members with off-chain /coin models for incentivization and off-chain voting models for DAO operation. We will follow the on-chain DAO and token models/NFTs in subsequent phases.

Membership Models

We believe the #FutureOfWork will be driven by “Do to Earn” communities. As the community thrives with the philosophy of “Give First”, we will introduce membership models to incentivize members for their good karma and derive higher value for their participation and contribution in helping various projects.
Here is one such idea around membership models
  • Free
    • Access to the community to view & discuss in the general channel
  • Pro
    • Access to all channels, events, cohorts, discount offers, apply to bounties
  • Builder
    • Access to all channels, specific spaces, events, cohorts, discount offers, create and apply to bounties
  • Coach
    • Access to LaunchCamp Acceleration program, earn rewards to offer advisory or mentor hours and everything of Builder. Access to deal flow, reserve Slot with Foundership’s SHIPPER token for Allocations, Access to Signal system
  • Legend
    • Host Cohorts, Events, earn rewards to offer advisory or mentor hours and everything of Builder. Access to deal flow, reserve Slot with Foundership’s SHIPPER token for Allocations, Access to Signal system
  • Investor
    • Access to deal flow on the highest priority, Funding syndicate deals, Private token sell, reserve Slot with Foundership’s SHIPPER token for Allocations, Access to Signal system
  • Governance
    • Voting rights to manage overall operation by involving token holders.

DAO Framework

For now, we are operating an off-chain Coach DAO (Sub DAO).
Foundership’s CoachDAO Philosophy: We coach Startups to succeed and co-create wealth in the process.
Our innovative Equity/Token for Coaches is a unique reward model to enable contextual coaching to solve various challenges in the Idea to Pre-seed stage Projects: A win-win model for the projects/ startup and coaches.
In the future, as we progress towards tokenization at Foundership, we will evaluate more Sub DAOs for Builders, Legends and Governance.
For now, we are curating Investors.
To start with, all votings are off-chain.

Staking Framework

As the Foundership community thrives by “Do to Earn” and “Give First” philosophy to help fellow Web3 Founders and Projects, we will evaluate Tokenization to offer Utility tokens to Community.
Every community succeeds when we co-create wealth and incentivize members’ contributions by playing the long game.
With a utility token, we intend the community members to stake with certain minimum tokens to ensure that they have a higher skin in the game and are willing to play the long game.

Value for Members

Member derives various benefits from the community such as
  • Access to the Community Space
  • Various Discussion Channels
  • Join Events
  • Join Cohorts
  • Ask for Mentor Hours
  • Ask for Advisory Support
  • Get Bounties for Project-specific tasks
  • Discount Offers for Members
  • Coach Projects
  • Offer Mentor Hours
  • Offer Advisory to other Members
  • Host Events for Members
  • Host Cohorts for Members
  • Access Project Deal Flow
  • Reserve Slot for Token allocation
  • Access Signal System
  • Access Funding Syndicate Deal Flow
  • Access to Private Token Sell
  • Participate in Treasury Governance Voting

Community Ecosystem

Attract & Allign - Attract Founders, Leaders, Operators & VC across the ecosystem for various Events & activities & meetups
Nurture & Grow - Democratize the platform and create different experiences for a different types of members, based on their membership levels and interest levels
Engage & Empower - Encourage active participation by every member to participate
Reward & Incentivise - Drives engagement. Every participation is tracked and rewarded via tokens. These tokens are then used to move up in the membership ladder or levels.
Retain & Expand - Retention is key, as it's an indicator to every other member, that's it worth the time to stick around. Combination of Offline and Online activities, fairness in recognition by members on who is actively contributing and not is made visible at all times.

Community Engagement

Community members are engaged in various activities such as events, masterclasses, or cohorts. Whether they are hosting or attending, the members are enriching value that is generated in the community.
The community fully thrives when they are involved and their opinions matter. This is when a community fully thrives. Roles are taken up, people accommodate and grow together with a sense of belonging and accomplishment. Every in the community is equally empowered, but with roles come responsibility.
Events and Masterclass work in a unique way for community members to interact, learn and share information, knowledge and uplift themselves and those around them.
The community members get to choose, select the events and masterclass agenda ensuring that they have enough interest and participation from community members.
Each of these activities keeps the community engaged and drives to help new members join the community. Here are some of the activitiy examples for the community.
  • Host an event or masterclass
    Members can join the event
    You get x number of utility tokens when NPS is 9
  • Host a Mentor Hour
    Member book & pay
    You get x number of tokens when NPS is 9
  • Invite New Member
    New Member takes Paid Membership
    You get x number of tokens
More such participation to be rewarded as per our ‘Give First’ & “Do To Earn” philosophy.
To start with, we will be using off-chain /coin models for incentivization, once we launch the on-chain token, we will offer a conversion from the off-chain /coin model to the on-chain token.